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Why Do Users Choose Voicemod?


This application helps you modify your voice and create voiceovers for videos and voice-messages. With Voicemod, you can use your voice and your imagination to create whatever kind you want. With this application, user can change voice from deep female to high-pitched male. 

You can also change the pitch and speed of your voice with application. Voicemod app can be used to prank people and mimic voices of celebrities and popular figures. App may help you to make prank call by changing your voice to male or female ones.


Program is a simple and easy to use application. Once Voicemod download on PC, you can access the interface by clicking on its icon. You can then use the main interface to change parameters and to preview. 

Also, you can change your voice in the soundboard or share your new one with your friends on social media pages. Voicemod on Windows has buttons for different voices and sound effects that can be mixed and matched to create one's own.


App has many features that can help you change your voice and sound of it. Voicemod install will help you gain access to many different voices and sound effects that you can mix and match to create your own.

List of key features of the application:

  • Available for online use on many platforms, such as Twitch, Discord, or YouTube;
  • Available for online use in many games;
  • Record your voice in high-quality;
  • Change your voice-speed;
  • Change your voice-pitch;
  • Voice-changer with different effects;
  • Over 200+ sound effects and ambient sounds to choose from in the in-game menu;
  • May improve your voice by removing unwanted noise;
  • Modification by applying effects on separate tracks, for example, apply echo only to background vocals;

It is also important to mention that Voicemod free download and immediately gets access to a huge list of options.


It is an easy to use application. There is no need for any previous knowledge to get Voicemod and start changing soudn with application. All features are well explained and you can preview your voice before saving it.


Voicemod download for Windows, Mac, iOS.


  • Q1: How to use app in-game?
    A1: Launch the game, when in-game, press Shift+1(for international version) or Shift+2(for China version) to activate the mod.
  • Q2: I can't connect to Voicemod server. What should I do?
    A2: First, check if you have Voicemod unblocked in your firewall, then if the latest update is installed. If this does not help, contact support.
  • Q3: How do I use program for Discord?
    A3: Download the latest version of app for Windows or Mac OS, install and run it. Then you'll be prompted to download the necessary files. Once files are downloaded, enter your username and password for your Discord account, and click Connect. If application fails to connect to your Discord account, please try again later or you may contact support.
  • Q4: I'm having issues with my microphone, program only picks up my voice and doesn't pick up my teammates.
    A4: Make sure you tick "Listen to this device" option, if you're using USB headset make sure it's enabled in the Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording tab (you may need to install the device's drivers and restart).
  • Q5: How do I remove voice-changer from my mic?
    A5: To remove voice-changer from your mic, open device settings and select voice-changer as an input or output device.


This application may help you change sound of your voice. It is a great tool for those who are looking for a serious voice-changer. Voicemod is free to download and use and it's very simple to use as well as very accessible to all. The results are often very good, and the editing process is fairly easy to use.

Install Voicemod on Windows PC

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